Spring 2015 – Formavera – "Leggendo Brodsky"

Spring 2015 – Virginia Quarterly Review– "The Bishop's Supper"

Fall 2014 – Italian Poetry Review – "Pomona in February"; "Madonna, I Want to Tell You"; "On the 150th Anniversary of the Unification of Italy"; "Aula Magna"; "Self-Portrait Trapped in a Measure of Liszt"; "Come scendere le scale"; "To the Zampogna"; "An Auspice"

Fall 2014 – Formavera - Quattro poesie inedite, "Paessaggio con personaggio di Cechov"; "Faro"; "La cena del vescovo"; "Schizzo coreografico"

Spring 2014 - Poetry Salzburg Review - "To Leopardi"; "Walking the Editor's Dog"

May 2013 – Formavera – La Caccia. Tre poesie in cerca della forma. "Un'impresa speculativa a Chicago"; "La caccia"; "Aula Magna"

Spring 2013 - Birmingham Poetry Review - "A Physiologist's Rebuke to His Lover"; "Epithalamium at an Agriturismo"; "The Root of Nothing"

Fall 2012 - CalibanOnline, Issue #11 - "An Offering"; "Long Distance Travel"

Summer 2012 - Antioch Review – "A Monk Falls to His Knees"; "Reading Brodsky"